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    Restaurant Lebed

    About us

    Romance, unforgettable sunsets, calm afternoons or discreet evenings on the shores of Lake Pancharevo. Just a few kilometers from the center of Sofia, the restaurant “Lebed” fascinates with a beautiful and ostentatious atmosphere. The restaurant is suitable for any events. Our visitors can enjoy a pleasant lunch, a business meeting or a romantic evening.

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    The Cuisine

    Our menu is designed so that each dish sharpens the senses and creates an appetite for new experiences without leaving a feeling of heaviness.

    The quality of the products is the basis of delicious food. A good chef is one who knows how to select the freshest and highest quality products from the local market and has the modesty to let their own taste stand out in the finished dish.

    Quantity is a fine craft. To create the perfect dish, you need a perfect balance between all the ingredients so that none dominates the others.

    The beauty of serving. One eats not only with their palate, but also with the eyes – a beautifully arranged dish is an essential part of the culinary experience.

    The three golden rules

    of the Chef:

    Our chef has worked in Milan, Paris and Lyon, from where comes the influence of French and Italian culinary traditions in creating the menu for Lebeda restaurant and in each dish he adds a pinch of author’s imagination, consistent with local traditions.

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    signature dishes


    Before exploring our menu, we would like that you pay a special attention to three of our signature dishes, but they are much more, so for the rest just trust your waiter and do not miss the wine, because food without wine is only breakfast, as one of our favorite writers Ernest Hemingway wrote.